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What we do:

Piano Tuning


Pianos require tuning and maintenance on a periodic basis. Your piano was designed and manufactured using biotic materials, such as wood and felt, that will react to seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity causing tuning instability. KeyTone can fine tune your piano to keep it sounding great. Whether your piano is a new addition to your home or a treasured family heirloom, we can make it sound wonderful year round.

Action Regulation


Your piano has thousands of moving parts and internal components that respond every time the keys or pedals of the instrument are engaged. Eventually, some parts begin to wear and adjustments, or regulation of the affected parts, should be performed to keep them in sync and in proper alignment with each other. Professional regulation of your piano's action mechanism will help optimize its  touch, tone and overall performance. 

Repair and Restoration


Normal wear and tear, household "mishaps" and the passage of time can cause internal and external piano parts  to wear out or breakdown. Regular repairs, periodic cleaning and restoration should  be performed when necessary to maximize the performance and appearance of your piano and retain the value of your investment. KeyTone can maintain your piano inside and out so it will  sound and look beautiful in your home.     


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Mt Prospect, IL 60056

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